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The CR crystallization units are used to purify acidic or alkaline galvanic processes baths,, with the separation of the pollutants salts, by cooling, and subsequent filtration, or equally to recover salts process, purified from concentrated solutions, containing degraded additives.

The treatment may be continuous, discontinuous or batch; the solution to be treated is loaded in the crystallizer body, is cooled to a predetermined temperature as a function of the process, then discharged into a filter section where the solution is drained and pumped to working  bath; the salts can be filtered in a removable filter big-bag type, in a water dissolution unit, with exhaust purification in a draining chest with automatic discharge of salts, or on request, in  a centrifugal separator.

The most frequent fields of application are:
- Cyan alkaline of cadmium baths, zinc, brass, copper, nickel, silver;
- Degreasing baths, burnishing;
- Sulfuric pickling baths;
- heat  treatment baths.

Depending on the application areas, the of the potentialities demanded, our models follow this scheme:
HP = heat pump with R407C fluid
GL = glycoled water

S = immersed  exchanger type
R = with scraper

POTENTIALITY '= from 6 up to 30 kW of cooling capacity
                               from 1,200 up to 10,000 liters / day

MATERIALS = The materials used for the construction depend on the type of process treated.
Are commonly used:   AISI 304L and 316L steel, Titanium, and fiberglass.
 Are commonly used:  AISI 304L and 316L steel, Titanium, PFRV (fiberglass).