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Ionic Exchange

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The RS ion exchange units , allow high flow recycle of homogeneous rinses  with low saline load.
Prevalently are composed of resins and active carbon as a function of the effluent to be treated.
The application of particular regenerative schemes allow a water and reactants consumption optimization , with a low production of eluates to be treated, or confer. In some applications it is possible to produce some eluates recoverable from production process bath, thus allowing for a further reduction of water consumption and eluates to treat.

The DEK units are used for the removal of metal contaminants from galvanic process wastewaters, initiated to the reuse by means of vacuum evaporator (chromic baths) and for the removal of ammonium ion from distilled water process, initiated to the reuse.

The FF final filtration units are used for the treatment of deputation waste waters , and use sand  for the removal of suspended solids, activated carbon for the removal of surfactants,  and selective resins for the removal of heavy metals.

The  AD Softener units, are employed where it is necessary to pre-treat process water, before their use, by mechanical filtration, eventual iron removal, softening.

All proposed units are made up of a steel frame, PFRV or stainless steel  vessels, with the electrical control panel and pneumatic managed by plc, of a group of pneumatic valves, metering pumps for dosing of chemicals needed for the automatic regeneration, of recirculation pumps.

Flow rate: from 0.5 to 30 m3/flow rate for RS, FF and AD
                   from 0.5 to 3 m3/h for DEK
Cyclic capacity: from 75 up to 3000 m3 / cycle with 50 g / m3 of CaCO3